Saturday, December 8, 2012

Yong Ho Ji

Bear 1
Used tire, stainless steel

For. Horse 1
Used tire, synthetic resins

Jackal Man 1
Used tire, synthetic resins

Ibex Head 1
Used tire, steel, wood, styrofoam

Yong Ho Ji was born in 1978, and graduated with a sculpture BFA at the Hongik University in Seoul in 2005. He pursued a MFA in Fine Arts in 2008 at the New York University. Ji is known for his exclusive work in recycled bits of tire, and creating stunning animalistic creatures with them.

Movement is what really stands out to me in Ji's work. Not only are they made out of tires, a material needed for traveling by 'mobiles', but the way that the pieces of tires are twisted and coiled to create a sense of rippling muscle movement. While the pieces already stand in dynamic poses, the motion of the muscle structure is what sets the sculptures apart from just visual form.

If the movement was not enough, the texture and details will be. The tire tracks are also a nice touch, and resemble scales or even again the anatomical appearance of muscles underneath skin. The delicate details of the glassy eyes is also well done.

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