Thursday, August 26, 2010

3D Artists and Designer Research Assigment : Copyright - Abbi Allan

“I see little of more importance to the future of our country and our civilization than full recognition of the place of the artist.  If art is to nourish the roots of our cultures, society must set the artists free to follow his vision wherever it takes him
Where Power corrupts, poetry cleanses.”

-        John F. Kennedy honoring Robert Frost.  Oct. 26, 1963
-        (Seldes.  ‘The Great Thoughts’.  Pg 249)

Research on other 3-D artist’s work.
The ideas is to find a sculptor, furniture designer, product designer, craft artist, installation artist, earthworks artists, graffiti artists that is interacting specifically with the 3D aspect of what they spray-painting on (this takes a little work – so not as easy as it sounds), toy designer etc…. that you find interesting.  (* Someone you actually want to know about his or her work.)

Time Commitment:
•  20 minutes to 1 hour of work  - for each Artist / Designer = 6 total

You can post images and your findings on the blog:

a)   Name of the artist you chose and images (plural) of their work.  Some work you like, and then an image or 2 of work that you don’t like of their work. 

b)   Dates of the work, title and mediums.

c)   Artist’s bio information:  the who, what, where, when – birth and death, artist’s nationality, pivotal moments in that artist’s life.  You can actually skimp on this part.  I’m just more interested in the -  When did they make the work / where were they from?

d)   One event in history that was happening the same time / year as this work was created.  This way you know the cultural influence – conditions – a pivotal moment in the artists’ life / social subconscious that was in the background effecting the artist’s subconscious as well.  Does it affect the content of the work?

e)   What is this work about?

f)    What do you think of this work?  ß This is the most interesting part and people skip this so much.  Trust me, this is really my favorite part.  Love it, hate it, I just want to know what YOU think.

g) Site your sources you looked at.

When is this Due?

            •  This will be checked in class randomly, and turned in (and returned to you) at mid-semester and at the end of the semester.  (*See your syllabus)  - or on line when posted

•  I expect that you work on these as we start a new material   à  But once you have 6 Artists / Designers completed, you are finished and are welcome to turn this portion of the course in early.  Any that you do beyond the 6 will count for extra credit. 

You should have 6 - 3D Artists researched at the end of the semester.   – and if everyone uses the blog – we could have over 100 different artists ad designers to draw from and be inspired by!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cardboard into metal

Here are some nice process images - taken through from cardboard, to metal..... some of them even go into wood

Amruta B.

Birds by Caitlin Warner
In Cardboard

In metal

in wood

Deer Skull in

In metal:

This one was inspired by an art piece at the MIA of a stamped of buffalo.
the cardboard looked just like this  - but I lack an image
so here it is in metal

a fantasy work that Chelsa made - bringing her comicbook  / illustration interests into affect here

in metal

Britney used cardboard in a very sensual inventive way  - and sometimes that texture does not translate well into metal - so she developed it into something she could - and yet with working with Patinas etc - actually took her approach to surface development one step further

in cardboard
In metal

Emily B. also took this approach

Emily's sketches led right into her cardboard,  to her metal, even her wood project

Sunday, August 22, 2010

1st project: inital responce: 3 pieces

It doesn't matter what you make them out of - it's the elegance you bring to it:

some great examples come from

 simple wire structures will do - think quickly and freely
(example - a wire sketch)   - remember, these are not drawings but 3D objects and you will make 3 of them!

Here are some interesting ones from students past:
A Rat made out of soap

jake s.