Sunday, May 19, 2013


I laughed when I saw this making it a great sculpture in my book. This bull tackling the devil while (what i take is) rocket smoke shooting out of its rectum is made by Chen Wenling. The work also connects on a different level, when the bull is seen as wall street a whole new context is brought to my head.

Little art that you may pass up

This guy, Isaac Cordal, makes street art that can be easily passed up. I really liked how he made art that "is for everyone", and that it is more rogue art that just "is." It is really interesting to me to experience art where it may be least expected like on the street.

Random International

This company called random international makes installations  that evoke different reactions. In this room rain falls from the ceiling into the floor wich is then recycled through the system, as this happens people walk through the room where it rains constantly. The coolest part is that there are sensors that make a space open up where the person is walking preventing them from getting wet. It's crazy how an organic thing like rain can be made into this controlled situation inside a building.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Artist #3 Massoud Hassani

Clinton Travis

Artist #3

Massoud Hassani

 It is actually a tool that can be used to blowup unused landmines. Its rolls on a mine field until it finds a mine.
The aftermath. This design has the potential to save thousands of lives.

Artist #6 Frank lloyd Wright

Why not end the book with a famous architect with some amazing homes. One of my favorite is the with the water in the front not the falls. It has since been changed or tore down. It is such a shame.

Artist #6

Marta Klonowska is a glass sculpture artist. She uses shattered glass to created her sculptures. She sculpts out animals using different colored shattered glass to create their form and fur using the pointed glass pieces.

Artist #5

Francis Tabary makes illusionary sculptures that seems to not be possible. One of his most famous works is Tri-bar, which is 3 rectangular bars that intersects in a way that is seemingly impossible to be able to be. It defies shapes and direction.

Artist #4

Chris Dorosz is an installation artist. He uses monofilament, which is thread usually used for fishing and he hangs acrylic paint on them to create sculptures and pixel art.

Artist #3

Jen Stark is an artist that uses paper as a medium. She uses different methods of manipulating paper to create shapes and different abstract figures. Her work is very colorful and has a sense of depth.

Artist #2

Ai Weiwei is one of the designers for the Beijing olympic's Stadium (Bird's Nest). Other than being the designer for the stadium he has done many other installations like his Template installation of swept down by a thunderstorm.

Artist #1

Shintaro Ohata is a sculpture artist that uses canvas and paint in his work. The thing I like most about his work is that it isn't smooth sculptures. It's like hundreds of plains put together to make a character and they look like pixels on a screen.

Artist #2 Ron Mueck

Clinton Travis

Artist #2
Ron Mueck

Not much really needs to be said about Mueck's work.. Its is  clear to see how impressive it is! The scale and detail is amazing. His main focus is realism. I find it hard to conceive how he makes these.
His Work...
There are so many varible that go into making something like this. The shape, texture of skin, hair, color, makeup, etc. He achieved them all perfectly.

Artist #1 George Nakashima

Clinton Travis

Artist #1
George Nakashima

"To be intimate with nature in its multifaceted moods is one of the greatest experiences of life."

I chose this artist because I love his clean designs. His philosophy about life is like mine.  I like japanese furniture because of its minimalist features. Nakashima plays on the minimalist idea perfectly.

His Work...

Artist #5 Curt Cline

Well with my 4th artist being a building architect. Why not bring it closer to home and have an artist with direct connection with what I would like for a home be one of my artists. I enjoy that you are able to sit with him and have him design what you are looking for.