Tuesday, December 11, 2012

artist 5

Marina Bychkova is a Russian-Canadian artist who founded Enchanted Doll.
Enchanted Doll is a label of luxurious, porcelain, sculpted dolls. The artist says she loves how multidisciplinary doll making is, and her ability to focus on so many aspects of sculpting through it.
Many of the dolls have rare gems, tattoos, joints, and sockets.

I work a lot with dolls, particularly because of their relation to childhood/ childhood drama. I love that the artist has taken something so innocent and sexualized it, which forces the viewer to question where the innocence associated with a doll comes from to begin with.

When given such curves and sexual organs, they become adult and unsettling. This artist made me think the childishness isn't from a doll being a doll, but the absence of sexuality.

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