Friday, March 19, 2010

Simple materials, time, obession and organic forms

the work of Nathan Sawaya - which each semester someone writes about him, so i thought I'd give you a head start.  (*Images come from this site and taken from them)
found by the Agora Gallery site

Red, Plastic Bricks, SculptureRed, Plastic Bricks, Sculpture
My Boy, Plastic Bricks, SculptureMy Boy, Plastic Bricks, Sculpture
Gray, Plastic Bricks, SculptureGray, Plastic Bricks, Sculpture
Blue, Plastic Bricks, SculptureBlue, Plastic Bricks, Sculpture
RedPlastic Bricks
49" x 26" x 24"
My BoyPlastic Bricks
41" x 38" x 24"
GrayPlastic Bricks
45" x 45" x 15"
BluePlastic Bricks
34" x 42" x 18"

Skulls, Plastic Bricks, SculptureSkulls, Plastic Bricks, Sculpture
Untitled 1, Plastic Bricks, SculptureUntitled 1, Plastic Bricks, Sculpture
Untitled, Plastic Bricks, SculptureUntitled, Plastic Bricks, Sculpture
Mask, Plastic Bricks, SculptureMask, Plastic Bricks, Sculpture
SkullsPlastic Bricks
72" x 52" x 3"
Untitled 1Plastic Bricks
39" x 22" x 25"
UntitledPlastic Bricks
32" x 28" x 17"
MaskPlastic Bricks
71" x 29" x 24"
for good reading check out the design bloom sight:

A sculpture made entirely out of pencils.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Toy Design: Examples

Artist's Chest Boards - Images TAKEN from:
  "'the art of chess' is an exhibition of seven chess sets created by a group of contemporary
artist including jake and dinos chapman, tracey emin, tom friedman, damien hirst, barbara kruger,
alastair mackie and rachel whiteread. each artist infused their own interpretation of the board
game in real dimensions.  The exhibition is set to open on the 49th edition of milan furniture fair on april 14th
at project b gallery, in milan . this event which is part of the fuori salone will be on display
until the april 29th."

modern chess set', rachel whiteread 2005

amorphous organic', alastair mackie 2008