Sunday, August 22, 2010

wood sculptures - previous student projects and examples

Here are some examples of the student's 2x4 projects, Pine and Poplar wood (*recommended)

Getting use to the Table Saw
Chelsea showed my students this that she did a few years before that...  she became a furniture major...  and I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have had her as a student. I'm so proud of her, not only for her work, but the moment she knew what to share as to what to teach....  those moments that you learned.
Those are priceless

2 part project:  Part 1 - objects

it's all about relationships created between the pieces. About simple materials and making what ever pleases you.

I want you to be fast, intuitive...  .work hard - but be loose. Let the wood determine the shapes - less about concept - more about seeing what is created and responding to each work.

Like Kinji says "less think - more make"

Abbi's fall 2012 kids

Abbi Allan's kids
Projects - 2011, Spring

Madison R.

Madison R.



Molly G. 'Punctuation is Fun"

Molly G. 'Punctuation is Fun"

Greta K.  "Deer and end trails"

Greta K.

Abbi Allan's Classes
2008 - 2010

kaitlyn warner

Emily Relie

Jonathon Kronsetd

Michelle Loma
Kara Walker

Jake Schrodener


Kara Walker

Jerry Allan's 3D class projects - who this assignment is based off of.  
years - 1990's

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