Friday, December 7, 2012

Claude Lèvêque

2012 We're a Happy family
Framed embroidery canvas, white neon.
Writing Romantic Etienne

2006 Le Grand Sommeil 
Site- specific installation MAC/VAL Virty- Sur- Senie.
36 PVC bed frames, white polystyrene balls, acrylic hemisphere, Black light.

1986 La Fontaine d'argent, le château d'eau, le chemin de fer
Inscription on chair, back removed, profile spotlight projection. 
Collection Mudam Luxembourg

1986 Le Trou dans la tête 
Inscription on cot, dangling light bulb, projection
Collection: FRAC Alsace

2000 Herr Monde
Site- Specific installation, Le Creux de I'enfer, thiers
Crumbled metal sheets, strobe lights

Claude Lèvêque was born in 1958 he is a French artist. He is known to use light in most of his sculptures, especially sense the 80's. Claude has been showing in many solo and group shows. Recently Claude has shifted from light sculptures to giant installations that stimulate the 5 senses through sound, mist, and light. He is currently showing in Art Basel. 

I choose this artist because I saw Claude's 2000 Herr Monde installation. It is my favorite work from him. He does simple things with objects and turns them into something interesting. I like how he uses furniture and turns it into sculpture by changing only a few things. I also think it's amazing how he uses light. He uses light as part of his sculpture instead of using it to show case his work. I also like how he incorporates photographs. I'm kind of going crazy over his work. Okay, okay I am freaking out about his work. I love it

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