Sunday, December 16, 2012

Artist 5: Allan McCollum

Allan's works are way cool! Holy geez. I like big scale stuff, but man, I can just imagine how much time and effort he probably put into his works and it just kills me because it probably took FOREVER! I stumbled upon his name in the list of installation artists that I found and I ended up looking him up on Wikipedia. That's where I got my images and info on Allan.

The guy was born in California. Yay for Californians! I'm one of their breeds. Heheheh. I do realize I undergo tangents here and there, but it is the fine, unnecessary details that usually catch my attention. Californian-born artists will usually get my attention for just that reason.

 Collection of One Hundred Plaster Surrogates

If Love Had Wings: A Perpetual Canon


 I totally dig the Canon and Monoprints works! Details, details, details! That's my interest!

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