Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Artist #1- Anne Lindberg

Anne Lindberg received her BFA in 1985 from Miami University in Oxford, OH and her MFA in 1988 from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. She has an impressive resume with seven solo exhibitions, 19 group exhibitions and multiple commissions and collections (one at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, MO. Lindberg does thread installations along with graphite, thread, mixed media, photography and 3D wall drawings, as well as installations, sculpture and architectural projects.  She sees her art as a type of self-portraiture.  Lindberg said, "My work is a mirror of how I experience the world and as I negotiate physicality, optics and ideas through drawing languages, my voice withholds, blurs, teases and veils."

I chose Lindberg because I'm intrigued by the use of thread in art.  She uses thread in large scale installations, utilizing light sources to create optical changes in the thread. I absolutely love all of her work because her thread installations are so voluminous and spacious, consuming entire corners of rooms and the lighting creates beautiful patterns and hues.  It's also very textural (especially seen in her work Old Brain).

She describes her installations as states of mind and environment as understood through the body and land.  "They are rooted in the familiar, close to the body, and very personal in connotation and scale."  I could imagine that she shows this in her work because she staples each thread to the wall and all the strands are so close, which imitates her description of the meaning of her work.
Old Brain, 2005. Thread.  650 pounds. 28x5 feet, x 8 inches.
Drawn Pink, 2012. Egyptian cotton thread, staples. 35x6x10 feet.
canto yellow
Canto Yellow, 2011. Egyptian cotton thread, staples. 18x6x6 feet.
Thread Drawing 15, 2012. Rayon thread. 31x28 inches. I'm not quite as fond of her thread drawings, simply because they are flat as opposed to her beautiful 3D room installations.

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