Thursday, December 6, 2012

Evan Robarts

A New Hope (installation). 2011
Bathroom wall mounted vertically in bedroom
dimensions vary

Maturation. 2012
Found Objects, cement
4'x 2'x 3'

Molecule #3a. 2010
Found objects, foam, rubber bands
Dimensions vary

Untitled. Basketball 3/3. 2011
Found objects, glass, solder
14" round

View of Molecule #5a. 2010
Found objects, steel threading
Dimensions Vary

Evan Robarts was born in 1982 and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. Robarts moved to Brooklyn, New York where he went to Pratt institute receiving his BFA in sculpture in 2008.  Evan still lives in Brooklyn where he makes his work. He focuses on the interplay between science and art. He looks for new relationships with materials, form, and identity. Robarts also uses his childhood nostalgia as a platform for his investigations. His work with melted popsicles, bicycles, basketballs, and found objects all tie back to him trying to hold loosely on to his childhood. 

I choose Evan Robarts because his work is interesting to me. My favorite pieces of work by him are Maturation and Untitled. Basketball. I like the way Robarts pulls from his childhood and still incorporates a modern twist. 

 Artists understand things by making while scientists understand things by analyzing the existence patterns in life. With an emphasis on various non traditional materials and found object, he explores these constructs and interface them with the surrounding world.

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