Monday, December 10, 2012

Artist #1: Stefano Bigi

Artist #1: Stefano Bigi

Stefano Bigi was born in 1974, and he spent his childhood between France and Italy. His childhood affected to him as became a great artist who has a taste for the classic and the beautiful. He graduated an Art School and started a career in web design. However he started to like sketching sofas, chairs, and decorative objects and when he became 31 year old, he decided to design furniture. In 2005 he established himself in Milan and made his own company called Helldesign di Stefano Bigi.

I choose this artist because he is the one of my favorite furniture designers and I love how he creates with simple but very classical. The theme of his furniture is modern and has strong feeling in it.

  Chloé | Neology

Dolce Vita | Cividina

Inspiration comes from everything. It can come from you or even from the chair where you’re sitting on. You can be inspired by a piece of wood or by the common objects around you. In the end, imagination is the ability to mix together completely different things.” –Stefano Bigi

Molecule | Cividina

Infinity Tables

Stefano Bigi has designed the Infinity tables for Italian manufacturer Porada.
The tables feature a never-ending sinuous stream of wood that holds up a glass tabletop.


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