Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cardboard examples: Professional and Student work

Work from other artists:  Just to see the range of opportunities cardboard gives as a medium.
Found by Jenna (former student)

If you want to see more, here's a link to her site
by Jake

Here are some examples of work I found on line.  sadly - their craft will pale in comparison to yours

Eva Jospin

This is an amazing site:


Chris Gilmore

creative cardboard art

taken from:
this is the work of Ann Weber
Guns, Paper and Steel

here's the work of  Patianne Stevenson  -->  which I got off the blog:

I found these all on the web site "Bored at Work"

-------------  STUDENT WORK -------------


 s   Slone




 C    Clinton

Steven Song



Jackie G.


 Co-Evolution = How different species develop similar adaptations to similar environmental conditions, despite there unrelated genetic make up.

Alchemy = combining different materials in this world to make gold / or the essence of life.

Alloys = combing different metals to make a new metal that has the best qualities / properties of each metal combing

o.k.... i will keep up... i will
fall 2012

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