Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Artist Research 1: Berndnaut Smilde

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Berndnaut is a Dutch artist from Amsterdam. He creates a bunch of really cool installations with these ventilation systems and recenetly did the pieces where he created nimbus clouds inside a room. He used science! He controlled the humidity and all this other stuff in the room and released a burst of mist and came together to make this cloud inside the room.

While this may not be a sculpture per say but it is a three-dimensional work. It only lasts for a second but it does focus alot on the space it occupies. It's one of those pieces of work that you have to experience, but the photographs alone are just as surreal. It almosts starts to blend performance art and sculpture, the performance being the sculpture disappearing. Quote by him about the piece.“It’s there for a brief moment and then the cloud falls apart. It’s about the potential of the idea, but in the end it will never function.” I really enjoy looking at the photographs because they're very surreal and dreamlike which is an important aspect of my artwork. 

Nimbus, 2010
Cloud in room
Lambda print, 75x112 cm
Probe#6, Suze May Sho, Arnhem
Nimbus II, 2012
Lambda print
75x112 cm
Hotel MariaKapel, Hoorn
photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk

Nimbus D'Aspremont, 2012
Lambda print
75x110 / 125x184 cm
Kasteel D'Aspremont-Lynden, Rekem, BE
photo: Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk

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