Friday, December 7, 2012

Valerie Hegarty

2011 Autumn on the Wissahickon with Tree
Paper tyvek, paint, glue, gel mediums, wood, foamcore, epoxy,
 wire, tape, sand, plastic, artifical leaves.

2010 Break- Through Miami
Paper, Tyvek, paint, glue, palm fronds,
tin foil, wire, wood, feathers

2012 Watermelon Tongue 
Canvas, stretcher, acrylic paint, modeling paste, 
paper, glue, foil, guaze, glue, thread 

2009 Teetering Trees
 Foamcore, canvas, acrylic, paper mache,
 wood chips, molding, sand

2011 Autumn on Hudson Valley with Branches

2006 Seascape Early American Chair (Mud Pedestal)
Foamcore, paper, paint, glue, gel medium 

Valerie Hegarty works and lives in Brooklyn New York. She centers her work around politics of the American myths. Valerie is represented by Nicelle Beauchene gallery and museum 52. She has shown in may places including MOMA and Museum of contemporary art

Valerie Hegarty makes an atmosphere for her painting and framed work. Valerie crosses painting into sculpture. Valerie's work is kind of what I want to do, sculpture/furniture with photography. I like how she transforms spaces into something totally different then what it was like before. Her creation of work is more then just a painting it brings the viewer in to the painting, literally. Valerie keeps a nice balance between torn up, wrecked, work and modern, classic, functional work. It amazes me how she can take something right to the line without crossing over to making it look trashy.

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