Friday, December 14, 2012

Mason's Artist Research

Andy Goldsworthy
This guy is awesome; he makes most of his art straight from nature surrounding him. He has to have the most patience out of just about any human being in the world. A lot of his pieces are balancing acts using completely nature and most could crumble down at any time in the making. A lot of his work does crumble half way through building but he just keeps working on it until it’s finished. I hope one day I can have half the patience this guy has.    

Sukhi Barber
Sukhi is a UK artist and spent 12 years in Nepal studying Buddhism. A lot of her reflects on her trip, her work is all about peace and balance. She studied sculpture in art school before she started traveling. Her work shows and intensive process but still reads extremely balanced and peaceful. I really enjoy her theme and idea behind her work.

jason decaires taylor
This dude has the craziest sculptures under water. When he was growing up he explored the coral reefs around where he lived.  He got a dregree in sculpting and became a diving instructor. He decided to incorporate his sculpting with his diving and out of that came an awesome series. He takes people from real life and sculpts them full size then sinks them under water and has the water do it’s work on the sculptures. He creates like little colonies of people underwater. This guy just did what he really liked to do and went with it. If I can do that, that’d be ideal.

Jea-Hyo Lee

This guy is intensive as intensive gets. He suspends rocks together almost making them look floating from the ceiling. He makes this crazy furniture that is made in a way nobody else would ever think of. All of his stuff is amazingly interesting, I couldn’t see anyone not liking his work because it’s hard not to respect how much work this guy puts into every piece. He works in a ton of sculptural mediums.     
Yong Ho Ji
Korean artist, this guy’s work is very interesting. He makes all of his pieces with recycled tires. You would never believe the shit this guy makes with tires. All he depicts in his work is living organisms, mostly animals and humans. His realistic style of rendering the tires is craziness. His work is very nice and you can tell he takes his time on his pieces.    

Christo and Jeanne-Claude

This power couple work on very large-scale pieces that they don’t have the money for. These guys have the mindset I really hope I can have one day. They have a vision of what they want to do where they want and make it happen. They did a project in Central Park that cost 21 million dollars. It’s hard enough to come up with that much money but they also have to convince the park to let them do this shit and they’re extremely convincing. They have this up for a short amount of time but feel like they have to make it happen. He makes the money by making paintings and drawing of what his overall piece will look like. I hope I can have the ambition of this couple someday.  


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