Saturday, August 31, 2013

Artist #4


The way Shaka uses simple shapes and bright colors is amazing. I love the over lapping of simple designs to bring out the features of the cheek bone and the eye brows. There is so much going on in the piece yet it still represents the human face and hands very well. The simple shapes give the figure texture almost like you where going to reach your hand into a toy box. The bright colors remind me of rainbow bringing out happiness yet the figures expression looks like he is in pain. This makes me want to ask what the painting is about or what is trying to be displayed or represented in the sculpture.

More Wrok from Artist #1

Artist #3!gallery

This was a great website that i found. I don't know if it is one artist or many but i love their technique. I love the way they define the objects with painted lines but yet go further in depth by adding an airbrush effect to them. This way of bringing out the highlights and shadows of these figures with the airbrush make them feel life like but yet still looking cartoonish. I own a airbrush machine and have started to recreate this technique. It takes a lot of practice getting things where you want them and a very steady hand to accentuate  the small details in the figures. It also takes a steady hand to not put to much airbrush on the object or it will cover the little detailed brush stroked lines.  Would love to create my own Munny dolls like these.

Artist #2

German Artist DAIM 3-D Graffiti
DAIM, a German artist, dabbles in many forms of art, but has received global recognition for his 3-Dimensional graffiti art style. Using a well-known graffiti look, DAIM takes his art one step further, pushing a traditionally 2-Dimensional art form into the third dimension. This artist has been producing graffiti works since 1989, expressing his graffiti talents in many mediums, including etching, spray-painting and 3D sculptural graffiti. His urban artworks appear in built-up areas across Germany and in art galleries. Visit DAIM Gallery for more info on DAIM.

I would describe his work as phenomenal. I would love to see his work in person. The use of complementary colors and grey toned colors in his first piece brings out great detail in the arrows and unique shapes he represents. I love the movement and the use of highlights and shadows to define these shapes. The overlapping of objects makes it look like theres a lot going on in his pieces but they are defined and structured well by the use of these shadows and the use of complementary colors or by putting in a little color on gray toned colors. This is another style of art I would love to learn how to produce. 

Artist #1

Peeta Sculptural Graffiti

These stunning artworks by the artist Peeta are made from a variety of materials. Some are made from polyurethane and then spray-painted. Other materials that the artist uses include cardboard, wood, fabrics, graphite and cellulose acetate. I would describe his work as very unique in the way he uses plain cardboard to execute his designs. The use of shadow and highlights bring out the detail of the letters he is trying to represent in his sculpture. This is something I would love to learn more about; on how to develop art like these pieces. 

Above: “Poly” – 2005 by Peeta. Even in the 2-dimensional medium of photography, this graffiti art work has a distinct 3-D effect. 

Above: Untitled – 2008 by Peeta. Some pieces use cardboard as the basic structure for the design, with high quality fabrics stitched over the framework.

Above: “S” – 2003 by Peeta. This piece was created using hand-made cellulose acetate which lends the sculpture a slick, shiny feel.

Above: “Rock” – 2005 by Peeta