Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christopher Duffy

Shadow Sofa 
Upholstery fabric: wool, wood, powder coated mild steel

Box an plank

Lab lamp
 eco bulb, sand blasted pyrex 

UP coffee table 
Toughened glass, metal resin composite, toughened steel rod. 

Swing Table 
Walnut, powder coated mild steel 

Chris Duffy is the founder of Design studio Duffy London. He makes lighting, tables, other small furniture pieces, and other interior products.  His favorite piece creating was the shadow chair and calls it his 'signature' chair.

I choose Christopher Duffy because I love all of his work. I have a three way tie with which one is my favorite. My first favorite piece of Duffy's is his UP coffee table table. I like how he used them to hold up glass and make it look like it was floating, his color choice matches well. My other favorite piece from him is his shadow sofa. I just think it's cool how he plays with shadows, something so common and so known yet it looks just enough foreign. My final favorite piece of Duffy's is his Swing table, i like this because it looks so fun and i just imagine this in a fun office with people swinging generating ideas. I also like the way he framed the table slightly and the shape of the chairs.  He makes everything so fun and playful, as well as functional. I like his use of colors and shape and his work inspires me with ideas and how to think of furniture out of the box. 

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