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Students who took their cardboard projects and turned them to Metal and more

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cardboard into metal

Here are some nice process images - taken through from cardboard, to metal..... some of them even go into wood

Amruta B.

Birds by Caitlin Warner
In Cardboard

In metal

in wood

Deer Skull in

In metal:

This one was inspired by an art piece at the MIA of a stamped of buffalo.
the cardboard looked just like this  - but I lack an image
so here it is in metal

a fantasy work that Chelsa made - bringing her comicbook  / illustration interests into affect here

in metal

Britney used cardboard in a very sensual inventive way  - and sometimes that texture does not translate well into metal - so she developed it into something she could - and yet with working with Patinas etc - actually took her approach to surface development one step further

in cardboard
In metal

Emily B. also took this approach

Emily's sketches led right into her cardboard,  to her metal, even her wood project

Cardboard examples: Professional and Student work

Work from other artists:  Just to see the range of opportunities cardboard gives as a medium.
Found by Jenna (former student)

If you want to see more, here's a link to her site
by Jake

Here are some examples of work I found on line.  sadly - their craft will pale in comparison to yours

Eva Jospin

This is an amazing site:


Chris Gilmore

creative cardboard art

taken from:
this is the work of Ann Weber
Guns, Paper and Steel

here's the work of  Patianne Stevenson  -->  which I got off the blog:

I found these all on the web site "Bored at Work"

-------------  STUDENT WORK -------------


 s   Slone




 C    Clinton

Steven Song



Jackie G.


 Co-Evolution = How different species develop similar adaptations to similar environmental conditions, despite there unrelated genetic make up.

Alchemy = combining different materials in this world to make gold / or the essence of life.

Alloys = combing different metals to make a new metal that has the best qualities / properties of each metal combing

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