Tuesday, November 30, 2010

my soft sculptor

My soft sculptor is Amanda Louise Spayd who refers to herself as the “Maker of Lovely Things”. I got the idea for my “Unnamed Little Monsters” from her. Spayed loves spending times in the woods and collecting things like bones, feathers, and dead insects. She makes these strange but beautiful demented bunnies out of fabric and clay. The faces are molded first and Spayd uses resin casts to create the teeth. After the faces are made they are attached by sewing them to her fabric bunnies. These little creatures are the both creepy and magical. Spayd says she gets her inspiration from nature and old high-society fashions. She refers to her creatures as “the little misfits” and it’s easy to see why. They are adorable little outcasts. She also makes soap and perfume which she sells on Edtsy.com.

here is her website and a few pictures of her work.





This last one is one of my favorites.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jon Caswell

Jon is a designer who loves to make things, according to his website. I stumbled upon him randomly on tumblr yesterday. Of course the one thing that caught my eye was his mustache doormat.

He likes to make whimsical silly designs for his furniture. I always say make it fun because you only have so long to live and you should enjoy it while you can. He likes to add life to everything he makes. Like his light switch cover "Mr. Switch".

and his lamp called "Slim Jim". Jim is the character holding up the lamp.

I think what attracts me so much to his work is how simple everything he makes is but it's still really creative. It's minimalism without really looking like minimalism. That's something I'd really like to strive for in my work in the future.

 "60bpm" made of recycled records
"On Tv" is a mirror

"Grippy" a table that doesn't require coasters
"The Wailers" are ceramic speakers

and here comes one of my favorite pieces

this is "Hang On" a wardrobe with removable hangers. This guy is a genius.

Go check out his website here and his own 3D blog here


Monday, November 15, 2010

Apples to the Core

Like Abbi asked, I'm posting pics of my series of apples I took on Friday. I think I did a pretty good job with this :)
Hope you guys like these and hopefully they give you ideas for how to take pictures of your own pieces!

Furniture Genius? or Perv?

I wasn't sure what I would find when I started looking up furniture sculpture, but this one takes the cake for inventiveness hahaha.

Peter Rolfe designs and sells furniture based off of the nude human figure. With drawers positioned in thought provoking places, it can either piss you off or make you laugh all the way to the register. Besides his controversial pieces, Peter also makes other furniture pieces like desks, cabinets, and jewelry boxes.

Check out his best pieces below:

Soft Sculpture Artist!

On this subject, I came across a familiar artist and her work.

Jann Haworth is an artist who is widely known as one of the great "Pop Art" artists of the 1960's, especially in the the U.K. Her most famous works is still widely seen today. She was commissioned to help design and create the ALBUM COVER for The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

On top of that, she has created many of her best artworks from fabric alone! Check out some of her better sculptures (some from the 60s!) below:

Wood Artist

This time, I chose to write about Ms. Stefanie Rocknak. Stefanie uses wood to carve amazing life-size portraits, busts, and action oriented pieces of art. Even on her website, it can easily be seen that each piece is incredibly detailed and that a lot of work was put into each.

Another cool thing about her site is that in her "In Progress" tab on the right hand side of the page, she takes detailed photos of her step-by-step process for each piece! This way, we can see how she started out and finished making each one of these pieces.

Here's a few of my favorites:

Intense. "The Swimmer"

"The King"

Personal favorite, "Runner's Leg"

Metallllll Sculptor

For my next artist, I found this amazing metal artist by the name Stephen Fitz-Gerald. This guy REALLY knows what he's doing. He uses metal in every way possible too. From figurative sculpture to abstract sculpture, and even bathroom fixtures to furniture.

Some examples of his figurative sculpture:

Examples of his "Creature" sculptures:
everyone loves a good dragon :)

LOVE how he used the welding to give the back end of the beak texture

Here's just a quick example of some of his more commercial pieces:

(I know I would buy this for my apples!)

This guy is definitely worth taking a second look at! These are just a FEW of the many many amazing works this guy does. Be sure to check out his site here.

Cardboard Artist... Better late then never

I'm back on! Yay! Haha, but unfortunately, I had not gotten around to adding any artists before my old email was hacked and blah, blah, blah. So that's why I am posting my cardboard artist now.
Anyway, Amy Wing Fong Lee is a painter, illustrator and sculptor. She is known for her almost "cutesy" style and most of her pieces are mythological in style (winged bunnies and lions, ect.).
Below are some of her cardboard pieces:

If you want to see more, here's a link to her site

Thursday, November 11, 2010

images from "500 Tables"

These images are taken from "500 Tables"

500 Tables: Inspiring Interpretations of Function and Style (500 Series) [Paperback]

Ray Hemachandra (Author), Andrew Glasgow (Author)


who also wrote:

500 cabinates

500 chairs

I highly recommend these books, images and here's a few for the future.