Monday, December 10, 2012

Artist #5: Jack Larimore

Artist #5: Jack Larimore

Jack Larimore, he spent his childhood in the Cherry Orchard region of Northeastern Michigan. He graduated of Michigan State University in 1973 with, a landscape architect major. Since 1983, Larimore worked by himself as a sculptor and furniture designer. Also He used to work as a professor in the Crafts Department at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, as an Advisory Board Member of The Furniture Society, as a Trustee for the Center for Art in Wood and a Board member at Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center. Larimore describes his works as “minimalist material and form explorations”. He uses mediums such as wood, steel, concrete and recycled plastics to create organic forms.

I choose this artist because I really loved his idea of expressing the furniture legs as part of natures. His design of furniture was really unique to me and I also had similar idea of making a table that ants carry it.     



Waldorf the Buffet 1994

78 x 22 x 35h
mahogany, bronze

Frilly Crusto Table 1995

24 x 24 x 18h
mahogany, poplar, milkpaint

When Will the Leaf Get There 2001 (detail)

22 x 22 x 26h
yellow pine, cherry, maple, stainless steel

Synchronis Serpents 2002

52 x 28 x 56h
red oak, cherry, crystal


Longlife Pine, 2003

36 x 36 x 17h
white pine (salvaged), bronze

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