Monday, December 10, 2012

Artist #6: Sakir Gokcebag

Artist #6: Sakir Gokcebag

Sakir Gokcebag was born in Denizli in 1965. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Art at Marmara University in 1987. He got his master’s degree in 1990 and doctoral degree in 1994 at his alma mater. He won the second prize in the State Painting and Sculpture Competition in Ankara in 1991 and besides that, he got lots of scholarship and won the prizes. Gokcebag had his own exhibitions many times and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Turkey and other countries. Sakir Gokcebag creates unique wall installations using rolls of toilet paper and uses things that people can’t think of to make his works.

I loved his art works because he tried to use unique and new materials to make his works. He used toilet papers, broken umbrella, and shoes with string hanging all over the wall. I had strong impression through his work and I felt his passion through the complexity. 


“Trans Layers 3”, Installation, 2010 340x285x10cm

 “Toccata&Fugue”, Installation, 2011, 605x820x50cm

“Times Square”, 2010, 68x68x5cm

“Stage Fright” 2010, Installation, 200x200x150cm

“Shared Space 2”, 2009, installation

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