Friday, December 13, 2013

Tomohiro Inaba

Ok this guys stuff makes me want to keep working in metal. Tomohiro Inaba started making things in 2003 and finished his graduate studies in Japan in 2010. His floaty delicate work is usually made from iron, something he is drawn to because it begins to rust and decay right after the work is finished.

If I'm reading his site correctly, the two deer works are the solid base and one long bent iron piece 
  attatched to that. i love his delicate work that also speaks about decay, and how little we can see of something but still understand what it is.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Jung lee

the second person i was interested that works with neon text is Jung Lee, she is a Korean artist from Seoul who works almost entirely with light installations. they all exist in empty landscapes and usually feature romantic or really sentimental statement.
she also keeps with the ethereal glow and light text, but uses heavy statemements. im diggin the look shes getting, i wannna be able to use neon text too. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

John Grade




His work is based on issues of irrevocable change and natural disintegration. He works with traditional materials like wood, resin and clay as well as potato and corn based resins and binderless paper castings. He often puts his work out in nature and lets it decay on its own. The organic shapes that he creates are really beautiful and I love how even when his work is just in a gallery I can still imagine it as an outdoors piece.

Joel Morrison

Pistol, 2010

Untitled, 2009

Big Romeo II, 2010

Joel Morrison is originally from South Korea and was adopted when he was 3 or 4 days old. He grew up in Los Angeles, he usually works with group shows. He collages materials that he uses during his everyday activities. He says that doing this helps him recycle his memories which i think is pretty cool and a good way to think about art. I really like how his pieces have a texture that almost looks like charcoal shading, but then again he also has pieces that look so fluid and organic. Just a good balance.

Jaz Harold

Its Only a Scratch (2013)

Cohabitation (2013)

                                                                            Geode (2013)
Jaz Harold is a new york based fine artist, usually soft fabrics and pastel hues in her artwokds. Most of the works include sexual undertones and overtones and gore. There really isnt very much information about her on her website. But I love her work because of all the gore she uses in a symbolic way.

Kohei Nawa

Hollow Green (2003)

Catalyst #5 (2004)

Lights Drop (2004)
He's a professor at Kyoto University of Arts and Design, he sets up lots of art in public places and has helped out a few famous musicians and then moved onto making abstract concept art based on cells. I like how his art looks like something out of nature in all his pieces. Also how light he makes all his pieces seem with the materials he uses. 

Bruce Nauman

All these images are from tumblr but Wiki says this series is from 1983

Bruce Nauman works in almost all mediums, but I chose to focus on his sculpture obviously. He's influenced by new forms of music and literature. He also uses bright colors to make his viewers have intellectual responses, as well as physical responses. I really love all the repetitive, bright colors that he uses and how he uses light. 

Maiko Takeda

Atmospheric Reentry (2013)

Atmospheric Reentry (2013)

Cinemoatography (2009-2010)

Maiko combines logic, geometry and space to form all of her pieces, she likes seeing simple will turn into chaos. She is influenced by fashion and pop culture and found these things while walking through the city on foot and finding random things and people that inspired her. She also gets influence from the elements. I really like how she uses shadow in her works to create more depth in her work. I also enjoy the bright colors in her works from 2013.

Yayoi Kusama

Dots Obsession-Love Transformed into Dots

Infinity Mirror Room 

Infinity Room (2013)
Yayoi Kusama started using the motif of nets and dots around the age of 10 years old. She came to the United States in 1957 and showed paintings and soft sculptures as well as installations. Shes has many large solo shows all around the world every few years or so when she decides to come out of the institution that she checked herself into to create new artworks. Personally I think her art is just crazy to look at. You could stare at it for hours and find new details all the time which I think is super impressive.

Peter Gronquist
(There were no dates or titles on any of his work.)

Peter Gronquist is known for his "Designer Taxidermy." For his process he buys the Taxidermies off ebay and removes the horns and mount when needed and then makes his own horns out of wire armature and finishes them with epoxy clay, he then sands them and sends them to a place in LA for the gold plating. He usually doesn't use real guns for his sculptures because they are too heavy.
Personally I think Peter is probably the coolest 3D artist I know of at the moment, all his work is really bold and flashy but super badass at the same time. I like how he puts nature with violent and materialistic things.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ellen Jewett

Ontario based artist Ellen Jewett works with a wide variety of materials and mediums. One of her specialties is sculpting these amazing fantasy creatures. Most of her work normally uses nature and animals as the subject matter, normally in some kind of combination. Theyre all very ethereal and fantasy-like. I like to draw things like this so when i see it in sculpture form im instantly attracted to it.

Keng Lye

This artists name is Keng Lye. He is a singapore based artist that makes these hyper-realistic 3D paintings made of layers and layers of acrylics and resin. He usually paints subjects of fish or sea creatures submerged in water.
I came across this photo and loved it simply because it was pretty fish in water, and had no idea it was art. i was convinced it was just real fish in some bowls. i'm amazed at how realistic these are every time i look at them.

Jason DeCaires Taylor

this artist is really cool! this guy works in stone, and when hes done, he puts all of his work under water. what i love about his work is it looks like its been there for hundreds of years. its funny in a way because i can see someone thinking they found something truly abnormal and old if they went diving and stumbled upon this. i love how the light of the sun reflects of his work and the water adding more depth to the piece. what truly enjoy most is how much emotional weight i get from these pieces. they look like they've been sitting in the ocean for a long period of time also adding a narrative to why they're there. were these people trapped in the ground? what was the lady with the wings doing? really awesome work.

tanya preminger

this lady makes some pretty weird stuff.

her website has some pretty neat things, but i'll focus on this piece:


i get the creepiest vibe from this piece! its like some sacrifice ritual or something! the other thoughts i get from this piece are adam and eve, shopping malls, and a feeling of lost. I love how still the water is in the pond. it adds to the erieness of the work. also the figure standing in front of everyone makes the water look a lot deeper because of how much shorter it is than all the others. very interesting work.

Nicholas Pope

this guy makes crazy stuff! he made this piece out of Alabaster and Wood. The thought i get from this piece is like a sci-fi western table. the top is the alabaster while the rest is the wood. what i really like about this piece is that it all looks like it was carved from stone. it has such a smooth texture! i wanna run up and touch it. what i also like is that it looks like a rock in the ways of the darkness of the grain moving around the piece. very cool stuff.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Daniel Firman

I've recently been interested in neon text sort of art. I had a few favorite pieces that ive seen around I was surprised to find out were done by two different people, so first off is Daniel Firman. He's a French artist who works with a bunch of different mediums, but the first work that caught my eye by him was "something strange happened here" it was on display in Venice during the summer of 2009.
I just really enjoy the bright almost ethereal text against the hard brick building, how it floats over the water, throwing a glow onto the water, its even cooler at night. The phrase is interesting too, "strange" things happen everywhere but attention is rarely brought to it. Then i got to looking into some of his other things and im diggin his work. The work with lights is mostly what I'm drawn to but also that suspended elephant is made to look so light and floaty like how his SSHH text is. A lot of his other animal and people sculptural work are caught between floating and dancing, and being able to suspend something so convincingly is really dang cool.  -Lauren