Saturday, December 8, 2012

Daniel Arshman

DIG in collaboration with Snarkitecture,
 Stonefront for art and 

Mirror Error 

Vent Anomaly 
Plaster, aluminum, paint

Light Thread
Plaster, EPS, wood, fluorescent fixture 

Jonah Bokar preforming during "the fall, the ball and the wall" opening,
OhWow gallery Los Angeles 
January 2012 

Daniel Arshman was boring in Cleveland Ohio, OH and lives and works in New York, NY.
Daniel was awarded the  Gelmen Trust Fellowship award in 2008. Daniel works in more than jus sculpture, he does performance art, 2d art, public art and installations. Daniel does a lot of calibrations with many different people including dancers and choreographers.

I choose this artist because I like the way he uses plaster. He uses it in different ways and makes not look like plaster. His performance art also interests me, he keeps sculpture in it which makes it awesome. I can see his Light Thread piece in my room as a cool lighting. Daniel's work gets me inspired and gives me ideas for furniture pieces.     

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