Wednesday, January 30, 2013

when looking at sculpture... sweat a little bit and see it from all angles, the view should change

I have students in my Scientific Illustration class do this in a project working on perspective.
These are different views of a taxidermied owl by 9 year olds.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Library visit images of interest - Wed. FND-2013 (Spring)

Here are you and your classmates' choices - in order of first name

Alex Carlson

Amruta Buge

Brendan Johnson

Brooke Lockwood

Cassondra Nelson

Chase Van Weerdhuizen

Dakota Keinanen

Elise Jung

Emy Young

Felicia Bartoli

Julianna Dietzman

Lexi Valentine

Michael Quednau

Nhia Thao

Rosemary Giola Valero-O'Connor

Stephanie Peterson

Steven Song

Tom Eineke