Sunday, December 16, 2012

Artist 6: Patrick Norguet

Patrick is a French product designer in Paris. Or at least I think he's in Paris. Regardless, I'm not excited by his works. They're all sleek and modern and leaves a dull taste behind. Something about his pieces just doesn't fit right with me. I got these images from

 Republica chair
For example, this chair doesn't look very comfortable. Front, back, side... It all looks uncomfortable. Then again, I AM judging based on looks.

 Mobilier d'extérieur 'Côme' McDonald's
Despite the fact that his works do not interest me, I really like this setup! It impressed me because I have never seen a setup like this. I can only image the time that was put into this environment. Kudos to Patrick for his diligence~!

Coffee cup
The best of Patrick's pieces!!! This simple thing totally has me going for it. I wish I had these cups. I'm just like a kid who is attracted to bright colors. I honestly believe these coffee cups would sell well among the community.

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