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Soft sculpture/ Mixed Media - project - examples of former projects and examples to look at

what is soft sculpture?
 unconventional materials: - usually flexible - and considered those of the rhelm of craft
 - rubber
 - vinyl
 - wool, yarn twine
 - plastic bags
  - felt
 - fur
-  wax
 - foam
-  fabrics
-  Foils
- paper
-  tissue paper
-  hair
-  fur

Nick Cave
nick cave speaks at Reed College

-   cray paper on the wall
Molly Roth

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Molly Roth

Molly Roth


Rupert Ravens:

Claire Lieberman  :
This  "work comprises a white painted shape on the floor on which Claire diligently placed something like 2,000 individual, movable, silicone-gel, comma-shaped forms, whose colors she took from peacock feathers." - L Craig Schoonmaker

YHEA!!!Planarian plush soft sculpture - two heads 

Planarian plush soft sculpture - two heads

  Hammerbraid by Alina Tenser  taken from:

"explores fantasy and desire in these media-saturated trying times through sculptural tableaux, personalized ceramic and rubber gags, personal avatars, video, painting and a forty foot long, droopy, filthy, soft-sculpture rainbow. Hauber works across media disciplines; her projects utilize and investigate collaboration, digital and material culture and the construction of morality, identity and aesthetics in contemporary society. This show contrasts the paranoid result of technological development with the body's need for physical interaction.

People in front of wall of soft toys
taken from:

braun_countryside.jpg  "
"In the Countryside" - Nina Braun

 Nina Braun  :

For more cool soft sculpture images - are also here:

 For Sophia

found this one for Sophia
Lisa Congdon's soft sculpture of an anatomical heart

Taken from:

Soft sculpture as mockery

Image taken from:

here are some more

Soft sculpture - often by the nature of the material can breech difficult topics otherwise untouched by regular media and art. No matter what your response to this is  - it's super interesting to see the debate that occurs.
far more interesting than any pillow fight I've ever seen.

"Soft 9/11"
by Jenny Ryan

as quoted by the article
"Some might think Johnny Ryan and Jenny Ryan's Soft 9/11 trivializes a horrible tragedy, but that kind of knee-jerk reaction prevents them from contemplating this profoundly heartfelt work of art. (Compare it to crass exploitative garbage like this.) It belongs in a museum."
 i think it's amazing that 7 years later people are still enable to touch the subject.
should she - should she not???  I'd love to hear your thoughts as well

Here is some former student work of interest

MORE - fall 2013, Spring 2012

Fall - 2013


Other years:

Anna Stacey

Katylin H.

Sophia Z.

Sophia Z. 




Jacob S.

Michelle L.


Jessi A.

Sophia Z. 

Kaitlyn H.

Jessi A.

Jessi A

Kaitlyn  H. 

Jessi A
Kaitlyn H.

"Owl Dress" - Jessi A."

Sophia Z.

Kara wearing Jacob's Lady Gaga soft sculpture head gear

Sophia Z.

Kaitlyn Warner


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