Sunday, March 6, 2011

play day / work day for 3D spring 2011

I love what kids come up with when they just let go and experiment with materials

Friday, March 4, 2011

Science and Math - Oragami - all the MIT kids are doing it

"This happens often in science  - that things that were designed for aesthetic reasons - suddently have a mathimatical, scientific application" - LOOSE Quote from "Between the Folds"

But like every student starting something fresh - they question themselves...  hold back....  "I just love paper"... paper, which we buy in pounds, which we abuse, reuse, and treat like a simplistic "starting material" - But I believe it is my favorite ... o.k. - one of my favorites.  I LOOOOOVVEE  art materials.

Origami: it’s no longer just paper cranes. A determined group of theoretical scientists and fine artists have abandoned conventional careers to forge unlikely new lives as modern paper folders. These intrepid individuals are interpreting the world in paper, creating a wild mix of sensibilities that redefine art, science and creativity. Photos: a shell shaped colorful origami piece on a background that shows a folding diagram.  Below: An origami frog made from thick green paper, A pink, blue and white, three-dimensional origami form, resembling a paper bag with fish-like scales, A white origami tessellation that looks like a spiral rose and filmmaker Vanessa Gould—with short blond hair, glasses and wearing a pale green sweater—looks into a camera with a microphone mounted on top.

Math nerds - GO CRAZY
this is such a joy.  This is MIT's biggest growing fad.  Love love love it.

Art, Science, Math and happening.... 
Life has been dictated on paper, drawn on paper - it only makes sense that it should be visualized in paper

to you art & science,
here's your celebration


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Mushroom Cloud Playhouse!!!

"We experience a contradiction between what our eyes enjoy and what our mind knows."- Dietrich Wegner 

At first glance, this happy-go-lucky playhouse could look like any child's dream. But then, the shape reminds us of a mushroom cloud and we're left feeling a little uneasy...

"In Playhouse, I combine an atomic bomb’s mushroom cloud, with one of the safest places one can go, their childhood playhouse," artist Dietrich Wegner tells us. "The playhouse is a place of escape, imagination, and comfort. Often we have used bombs to preserve our playhouse, causing us to be stuck in limbo, between comfort and fear. I question how mindful we are of the consequences of our actions. I search for images that articulate the confusion between the intentions, outcomes and ideals of my nation, while focusing on the spaces between beauty, fantasy, and reality.

"I make my statement from confusion with what I see around me. I want to make images that help me think around my world, so I can, in the end, know what I see a little better. I hope my work helps people think about our collective fears, our innocence and the decisions we make to be safe. My hope is that we climb above our terror enough to think about the reality and consequences of our actions."

When asked what kind of reaction Playhouse has received, here's what Wegner said. "Unfortunately, at least judging from blog reactions to Playhouse , people just seem to think it is cool fun and cozy and I am not sure internet viewers get farther than that."