Friday, May 10, 2013

Sarah Johnson artist #6

 Deana H. Goodman
jewelry designer in California who plays with oriental symbols all of her pieces have in jade in them with a mix of stone beads.

Double happiness carved jade pendant necklace w/ beaded jewelry , sun stone jewelry , Asian jewelry , jade jewelry , ethnic gemston pendant
  Carved white Jade pendant necklace & Thai silver w/ beaded jewelry , Asian Jewelry , jade jewelry , ethnic jewelry , Chinese beads necklace
Carved white jade pendant necklace w/ beaded jewelry , Asian Jewelry , ethnic jewelry ,  jade jewelry , extra large beads , handmade jewelry

Carved jade men's necklace w/ chain/ leather , carved Asian jade pendant , jade jewelry , carved jade , ethnic jewelry , men's jade jewelry
 Gemstone Donut pendant necklaces , beaded jewelry, Asian jewelry, ethnic jewelry, handmade Chinese gemstone beads necklacesGood fortune amulet , guardian lion in carved bone & opal beads w/ beaded jewelry , Shishi , protection talisman , Asian ethnic necklace

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