Saturday, May 11, 2013


Artist one Hot Tea

HOT TEA, is a graffiti artist that does work in various ways, he does stencils, and graffiti yarn (leaves his name with yarn all over streets), and does crazy string installations a you can see in the first image. Why chose Hot Tea? Hot tea was a previous MCAD student, he attended five years ago, and now hes traveling the world, to places such as London and New york. He got a degree in graphic design, one of the reasons i like HOTTEA, because he does everything i love!!! Even though i never heard of HOTTEA, before i did my 3d final. The way HOT TEA does his yarn work, you can easily see that he does graffiti, the same reaction I get when I do my art. I also plan to do work with him in the future. He just does amazing work with text.

Artist 2
 Zhaume Plensa

Zhaume Plensa , a Spanish artist, is considered one of the most important contemporary sculptors.  Plensa was born in Barcelona in 1955. He was known primarily as a master up until the 1990’s working with classical materials. He began to expand into other mediums making sculptures from glass, artificial resins, bronze, metals and with “intangible” substances, such as light, word and sound. Just look at his work, it just amazing, as a graphic designer, it makes me happy to see someone use text and make a human out of it. Plensa give me inspiration to do stuff like that. Hopefully in the future, I will do some stuff inpired by Plensa. It truly beautiful what he does.

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