Thursday, May 9, 2013

3D artist Research #5 Boyuan

        Born in 1953 in Chicago, Charles Ray is one of seven children in a family of artists. He studied at the University of Iowa and Rutgers University in New Jersey, and now lives and works in Los Angeles, where he is a professor in the art department of UCLA.
        Purchasing the wreck from an auction, Ray painstakingly took the car apart, individually casting each element in fiberglass, and reassembled it piece by piece, as if it were a model hobby kit. The entire work was then uniformly covered with two coats of gray paint. The color—like the body-shop primer normally found underneath the high-gloss finish—lends the sculpture a disinterested quality, a flatness and silence, despite the drama of the event that produced the original wreck.Ray chose as his model an object created by chance, speed, and impact—by the collision of form, material, space, and time. In a sense, the artist made the actual car disappear, transforming it into an object that not only reveals many qualities of the original, but also helps us think about opposites: the real and the ideal, representation and abstraction, stillness and movement.

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