Friday, May 3, 2013

Artist #5 (Friendswithyou) by Nicole Hough

Name of Artist: Friendswithyou (Samuel Borkson, and Arturo Sandoval III 


Images I like:

Images I don’t like:

3-5 sentences about the artist: They work with a variety of mediums including: paintings, playgrounds, sculpture installations, public works and live performances. Their mission is to affect culture by spreading magic, love and happiness everywhere. They also try to promote friendship. They also enjoy how people interact with their work. 

3-5 sentences about the artist (why I like them/why I chose them): I love their artwork! I first found out about their work from a teacher I had during a class I took at MCAD 2 years ago. Their work is really similar to mine and I love how happy it is. Their work is really positive about spreading happy messages of love and friendship and I love it. 

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