Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Artist Research 02 - Brent Watanabe -

Ok so Brent here could be considered to be an installation artist. He's won a bunch of awards, and a lot of his more famous exhibitions involve both three dimensional objects, projections, and viewer participation. I really like how he sets up his exhibits and invites people in to investigate and participate.

For( ){ }; Even though the game has no real ending, the way that it's set up with such bright colors and such a comfortable piece of furniture sitting right in front of it I probably would play it for hours if I could! Also he really knows how to play with the nostalgia feel by using a NES controller and using just the right sound effects to remind me of my childhood.

But of all installations, I have to say "So Long" is my absolute favorite simply because of all the media he includes in this. There's animation, puppetry, projects, sound, sculpture, and over all, just a really, really, surreal story! And it's all controlled by computers as well! Overall it just really amazes me, especially with how much detail was put into each specific part. Of the installation.

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