Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Artist # 3- Generations of Korean Folk Artists and Now Contemporary Artists

This is Haesingdok Park.  If you are not into male sexual organs you probably shouldn't click on the video.

Haesingdok is park and an oddity in South Korea.  Local history states that a virgin woman died in the sea before she could consumate her marriage with her husband.  Afterwards the fishing was lousy until a fisherman pissed in the sea and the ghost appeared.  She then became very happy at the sign of his penis and the fish became numerous.  Thus the town started posting large phallic statues within sight of the shore to bring in good fishing harvests.

This is such a wonderful oddity and I love the lighthearted way that modern Korea has carried it on.  There are now exhibitions of phallic art and numerous cultural additions to Korea's own.  It's all just really fun and totally demystifies the penis for everyone in a way that's probably wonderful for everyone.

If you want more information, this is the Korean Tourism page's notes on it.

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