Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Artist #5 Haegue Yang (Amruta Buge)

Haegue Yang

Haegue Yang is a visual artist from Seoul, South Korea. 

Series of Vulnerable Arrangements, Voice and Wind, 2010
Installation view, “Voice and Wind” at New Museum, New York

Series of Vulnerable Arrangements, Domestic of community, 2009
Installation view at 53rd International Art Exhibition Venice Biennial

© Galerie Barbara Wien, Berlin

Installation, aluminum Venetian blinds, hanging structure, moving spotlights, scent emitters (Sulfurous Vulcano, Mountain Mist, Earth, Rainforest, Cedarwood, Ocean, Fresh Cut Grass, Tamboti Wood)

Yang works with every materials and transforms them into colorful installation where she sometimes uses sensory elements of light and smell To find an aesthetic balance and make the art stimulating to the audience is what I am drawn to from her work.

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