Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Artist #6 - Shilpa Gupta (Amruta Buge)

I Live Under Your Sky Too is a massive (32-feet wide) installation by artist Shilpa Gupta, erected by the sea on Carter Road in Bandra, Mumbai. 

The installation features the text “I live under your sky too” written in three languages — English, Hindi, and Urdu — using LED lights with the individual words intermixed. The lights go on and off, highlighting the sentence in each language alternately. 

The message from this installation is simple yet powerful. Carter Road in Bandra, Mumbai is one of the busiest road in the metropolitan area (Bandra) of the city. People from all walks of life, not just local Mumbaikars visit Carter Road daily. Reading between the lines is a message of religious, national, political, class, and gender harmony. There are many interpretations, everyone interprets this phrase differently, and when I saw it for the first time I was moved, because we don't think about living in harmony as a whole, and are often blaming ourselves or others for the wrongdoings taking place in the society.  

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