Thursday, May 9, 2013

3D artist Research #6 Boyuan

By hand bending and welding steel into garden sculpture -Topiary Joe designs and creates memorable art to be planted as topiary or stand alone metal art work - regular or stainless steel giant topiary garden frames of any creature imaginable. Flowing lines for simple pleasure give and take when it come to measure.
Bugatti type 35b wire sculpture showing detail. Life size vintage race car and 3D hot rod  sculptures of wire.
Topiary Joe builds very stout traditional cutting frames for shrubbery and vines plus stuffed, irrigated and planted American portable style topiaries. Gigantic evergreen garden structures, Topiade/3D FaƇades (vertical gardens) are the way to phyto remediation in downtown areas. Even Tryst houses planted with roses, fruit or willow...too urbane? Grow your own Tree House for your domain - Arboriculture Gone Wild, I maintain.

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