Friday, May 3, 2013

Artist #3 (Dennis O. Collier) by Nicole Hough

Name of Artist: Dennis O. Collier 


Images I like: 

Images I don’t like:

3-5 sentences about the artist: Dennis O.Collier's work space is influenced by Buddhist philosophies and creating a place for work and harmony. He has been carving wooden sculptures for over twenty years. 
3-5 sentences about the artist (why I like them/why I chose them):  
He is influenced greatly by Buddism and it has really opened his mind to other things. It expanded his mind and his design creating brillent designs. I like how buddism has influenced his style in a way where he can artistically create any design he wants and express in a way that is very beautiful and amazing. I wish I could create such beautiful works out of wood myself. 

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