Friday, May 3, 2013

Artist #6 (Kat Hitzeman) by Nicole Hough

Name of Artist: Kat Hitzeman 
Site: (site for work) (site for info about her) 
Images I like:

Images I don’t like:

3-5 sentences about the artist: The artist is from Apple Valley, Minnesota. She is a prophetic dancer and sculptor. She has 2 children. 
3-5 sentences about the artist (why I like them/why I chose them): She seems to really put a piece of her into her work. I can tell it represents who she is and what she is about because she likes to dance and it really shows and she also puts a sense of movement into her sculptures because she is explaining how she dances. I love the sense of movement she conveys throughout her sculptures. She is manipulating the materials to do what she wants them to do. I think its beautiful how she can do this with her work.  

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