Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Artist Research 04 - Forest Rogers - Fantasy Art Series

Alright so Forest Rogers is a sculpture artist who specializes in figure and dinosaur sculptures (odd combination I know but he's really talented at both!) She also does illustration work and restores religious murals as well. A lot of her work has a heavy fantasy theme or some sort of religious/mythical reference to them. Or they're dinosaurs.

I just really love the detail put into creating these figures. They seem so anatomically sound, like they actually ARE people. I cant fathom how she manages to install hair to her clay sculptures, which just makes me admire her work even more.

She is also able to execute balance perfectly. There is no doubt in my mind that those pieces will stand firm in the ground. Yet at the same time they seem so fluid and life like. The movement is just so natural I really do believe that there is a breeze flowing over them!

And there's body language too! She manages to put show so much personality in her figures, from their clothes, to their body language, to the features it's just AHHHHHH! She really is a master at her craft!

plus dinosaurs.

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