Friday, May 3, 2013

Artist #2 (Lisa Elias) by Nicole Hough

Name of Artist: Lisa Elias 
Images I like:

Images I don’t like:

3-5 sentences about the artist: Lisa Elias creates elegant functional things out of metal. She uses simple organic forms in her work a lot. She started at St. Cloud State University and then transfered to the University of Minnesota. Her work has been exhibited in a lot of places. 

3-5 sentences about the artist (why I like them/why I chose them): Their work is very inspirational! I love the way they work with the stuff that they do. She seems to do forging from what I can tell and I would like to try doing more of that sometime. She is manipulating her metal work to fit how she wants it to be. She clearly puts a lot of time into her work. Also the gate she did is so amazing. You can't even tell what he material actually is its so beautiful. 

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