Monday, May 13, 2013

artist part 2

Peeta graffiti writing sculptures
Petta is a graffiti artist, he is kinda famous in the street area. Petta is normally seen doing murals on   flat surfaces. Well off the bat, everyone should know i chose this artist because, i adore graffiti.What makes Petta better? maybe the way he curves his letters in such a milky smooth way, or the way he composes dynamic letter forms together. Nope what makes him different is that, he actually make 3d art. He makes actual curves with sculptures instead of on a flat wall. Achieving this is quite  wonderful,  graffiti by its self is just hard at it is, but pushing it further and making it human size and a sculpture of it is just amazing, hands down. I plan to do something like this in the future, if i ever have a solo showcase.


Gilbert 1 is a also a sculture artist, coming from the graffiti world. Gilbert1 is one of the many french artists that focus a lot of their time painting abandoned and forgotten environments. The artist uses collected material from these places to work into his sculptures. Just the way he creates patterns and uses the primary colors gets to me. As a graphic designer, the first time i saw this, i was amazed, because it completely reminded me of  my patterns i been creating and using for my graphic design class. 

Roy Lichtenstein

Every one knows Roy Lichtenstein, a big figure in pop art, however no one really knows about his passion with sculptures. Liechtenstein pushes his painting skill further by using the same style of painting he does to sculptures, as you see as the image below. His doting/ comic book style is unique enough, but pushing it more just takes it to a next level. He also had fun with some of his sculptures, because some were just crazy and really abstract and big.


Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater sculptures create a unique, absorbing and expansive visual seascape. Highlighting natural ecological processes, Taylor’s interventions explore the intricate relationships that exist between art and environment. His works become artificial reefs, attracting marine life, while offering the viewer privileged temporal encounters, as the shifting sand of the ocean floor, and the works change from moment to moment.

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