Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sarah Johnson artist # 2
 Cyrus Swann

Cyrus is a pottery artist from Minnesota he makes these great stoneware objects for everyday use or for decoration. he also makes these awesome skull sculptures that are usually made by combing different materials like clay, wood and iron that i just love. I'm so excited for mixed media because of Cyrus's skulls!

 Wild Markings Bottle ClusterSun Inspired Stoneware Keepsake BoxLiquor Bottles SetBottle Duo
Primitive Markings Bottle ClusterTectonic Doll HeadSkull Bucket StudySkulls Replace Eggs BasketGrab Bag Discount Skulls 15 Dollars Each Buy Three Get One Free While Supplies Last
Skulls With Truck On SaleSpiral Skull Set With Stoneware PodiumLine Man Covered JarTectonic Holes  SkullsBlack Tip Smokey Unicorn SkullPurple Man Skull UrnPhillips 66 Oil Bucket Skull Wall ArtSingle Gloss White Skull With Salvaged Red Wood Mini Table Stand

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