Wednesday, March 13, 2013

aDaigneault #6 - Valerie Boy

Speaking of lights & sculpture here is a French artist named Valerie Boy whose work is really cool. She does a lot of commercial design stuff (mostly furniture) but it's her light installations that draws my attention the most:

I like these because they're interesting enough to look at even without the lights but they're even crazier with the lights on. It's even kind of charming that most of these are just christmas lights, not anything fancy.

This piece, "Féérie Florale" is hand-cut white powder coated metal with christmas lights was displayed at the first annual pre-Christmas Salon de la Récup in Paris. I enjoy the intricacy that she applies to her sculptures; like every tiny piece is considered and intentional. You can also sort of tell that these are handmade and they seem a lot more sincere (and imo that's where the appeal is) then some of her more recent commercial adaptations -

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