Thursday, March 7, 2013

iRuder_01 Ivan Puig

Ivan Puig is a young and accomplished contemporary Mexican installation artist working today. The first line of Puig's bio is a bold statement, "Inventar otras formas posibles"- invent new ways. Thematically he explores concepts such as the lifecycle of technology, irony, and paradox.

"Hasta Las Narices" - 2004

This three piece installation was created with a VW Sedan, water, pigment, plotter on PVC, and glass. The way in which Puig transforms the vehicle, installing it in what appears to be vat of an opaque, soft, white liquid, is fascinating and refreshingly unique. This installation has caught my eye because it holds an air of mystery and surrealism. The pieces all relate through their use of material, imitation-liquid forms, and manipulation of light. The setting, which has large windows (natural light!), enhances the hygienic room, distributing light in a manor that can only be described as absolutely gorgeous.

"Posmoderno Superior" - 2006

This series of sculptures, created with "fósiles de concreto," explores fossils that today's society may leave behind. "Posmoderno Superior" is an engaging and thought provoking series, enhanced by a sharp humor. It's technical execution is also worth noting, as it clearly represents the objects, but realistically depicts them fossilized - effectively communicating the message of the work.

More of Ivan Puig's work can be seen on his portfolio website -

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