Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sarah Johnson artist # 1

Jennifer Browning
i was messing around on Etsy when i saw these adorable dolls. i know you, and i have seen this simplistic cutesie style all over the internet but what made these little guys interesting was there translucency. i never seen that before with painted wood. jennifer calls there dolls MinnieFolk named after her grandmothers friend Minnie.
Each MinnieFolk is handmade from sustainably harvested wood, and hand painted with nontoxic watercolors. Dolls are sanded, wood burned and painted. i can wait to try this on my 3 wooden objects and containment box.

Rainbow Unicorn Wooden Doll
Rainbow Unicorn Wooden DollRainbow Unicorn Wooden DollBetty the Bunny Wooden DollJames the Good Dragon Wooden DollSolomon the Sweetest Snail Wooden DollSolomon the Sweetest Snail Wooden Doll

Benjamin Bunny Wooden Doll

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