Wednesday, March 13, 2013

aDaigneault #5 - U-Ram Choe

A Korean artist, he got his MFA from Chungang University in Seoul - where he currently resides and works. His work incorporates his interest in science/technology and they often deal with themes of biology or astrology. He gives many of them taxonomic classifications.

Una Lumino
acrylic, stainless steel, motor, cpu, LED
430(w) x 520(h) x 430(d)cm2008

resin, wood, crystal, 24K gold leaf, plastic bag, metallic material, fan, motor,custom CPU board, LED
244(h) x 132(w) x 112(d)cm.

metalic material, resin, motor, gear, custom CPU baord, LED
30(h) x 22(w) x 25(d)cm. 

The kinetic element that most of his sculptures have make them extra-interesting to look at/interact with. His installations have a balance of elegance and technological motifs and to me they're super engaging b/cuz I mean I'm down for anything that's got a bunch of pretty lights on it. I could probably sit and watch those flowers open and shut for like a hour straight and not get bored. 

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