Saturday, April 27, 2013

Same Durant (artist #2)

Sam Durant is a multimedia artist who I found out about while surfing tumblr. His work widely varies from natural objects as sculpture, built pieces from wood and plastic, to 2d installations. A majority of his work is highly fueled by politics and the culture of politics in general. But while that is usually the case, I’m more interested in his natural sculptures. In Natural Histories part 1-3, he uses natural and unnatural materials to create portraits of “primitive people” like you would see at a Natural history museum. The actual sculptures there are bits and pieces of the materials used scattered across the room on stands, arranged in a way that plays with the space provided. They seem like a deconstructed science museum and seem very “constructivist”. My favorite piece, which is the one that drew me to him in the first place, is What’s Underneath Must Be Released and Examined to be Understood. It is a constructed mountain range that emanates fog on top of a mirrored pedestal. It reminds me of Chinese landscape paintings or Colorado on cloudy mornings. The fog is most likely a statement on self reflection based from the title. The mirrored surface really brings it in for me since it gives off the illusion of floating.

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