Saturday, April 27, 2013

Myeongbeom Kim (artist #6)

Myeongbeom Kim has some of the dreamiest and most fantastical sculptures I’ve seen in a while. Graduating from college in Korea, he got her MFA in sculpture at the SAIC (School of the Art Institute Chicago) and since looks to have been featured in countless shows and even won quite a few awards for his installations. If I was asked to describe his work, I would say that it’s subtle yet apparent with the theme of change. His objects seem to be one the transforming into another. While playful in spirit, the materials used like nooses, crutches, and taxidermy really seem to suggest a subtle darkness that makes these works more thought provoking than just simple fantasy. I really enjoy his animals transforming into plants or objects along with his seeming interest in defying gravity. I really want to know how he balanced the garbage bags the way he did. It really sets in a feeling of wonder. That along with the way these objects take up so much space or just a little. They can even be seen as normal until looked at closer. I really like works that don’t spoon feed you the content, but instead works best when really looked at for too long. These works are playful, yet mature. I really appreciate the seamless transformation, they really look like the object was always like that. They are a lot like modern day illusions. It’s great to see work that can really bend your mind in simple yet complicated ways. It’s not easy to do!

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