Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ettore Sottass (David Johanson Artist Research #1)

Ettore Sottsass was an Italian designer known for his colorful and innovative works. In 1981, Sottsass and a group of young designers formed the Memphis Group. The group's iconic work was one of the most characteristic examples of Post-Modernism in design. Sottsass himself likened the Memphis movement to " "a very strong drug." The extreme colors and patterns of Sottsass' work continue his legacy as a major creative force of the 20th century.

""I believe that the future only begins when the past has been completely dismantled, its logic reduced to dust and nostalgia is all that remains.""

His work inspires my use of bright colors and simple geometric forms. I've admired the memphis movement ever since i discovered them early this school year.

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