Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kris Kuski (artist #5)

Kris Kuski makes the most intricate and detailed work I’ve seen since Southwest Asian temples like those in Sri Lanka and India. The various works he does seem to tie to a central theme being intricacy. Single works look like they must’ve taken months to make while sets look like a series made throughout a lifetime. The works that really drew me towards him were his “steeple tanks” which were very intricate gothic churches on treads with a large main canon. They looked like something out of a Steam-punk world. I really relate to how he finds beauty in the grotesque and also a welcoming to the unusual. According to Kuski, his main inspirations for the church-tanks were the blend of classical structure with modern industrialism. His other work seems to reflect the frieze of judgment from mediaeval construction. His use of skeletons, pagan gods, demons, and generals really invoke the power and fear from ancient classical sculpture used in propaganda. The way the forms interact and bloom from itself are really what makes his works fascinating and aesthetically pleasing rather than just complex. I’d love to stive to have the same feel to my works.

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